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Welcome To The Hari Om Mandir!

Hari Om Yoga Center

Hari comes from the Sanskrit, “Hara”, which means to remove, or take away negativity.
Om is the primordial cosmic vibration. Together, Hari Om is the universal sound vibration that transmutes suffering.

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The Story Of The Hari Om Mandir

Hari Om Yoga Center has been in existence in various forms since 1998.  It originally started as the Hari Om Kirtan Society.  The group met monthly to chant and sing bhajans along with the distribution of of prasadam.  They first met in people’s homes in Downingtown area for a few years and then settled in Sudesh Sharma’s office as their regular satsang point.

In 1993 Hari Om Mandir was born and the group focused on having their own temple in the Downingtown area.  In 1997, a property was purchased at 348 Boot Road and operated as Hari Om Mandir for 17 years.  It was then re-established as a Hari Om Yoga Center in June of 2014.  Even though we are now a yoga center we still maintain our tradition of monthly bhajan gatherings along with prasad sponsored by family sponsored by family with the community.  This is an integral part of our yogic tradition.

the original building that was purchased in 1997 was demolished in 2014 and the new structure was completed two years under the guidance of Ajay Sharma.

Weekly Yoga Classes
6:30 pm
9 am
Love Offerings Accepted

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Hari Om Yoga Center
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